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This page contains resources for GVP advocates/activists that can be used in public discussions/programs about gun violence.  It is not an exhaustive database (see links at the bottom of the page for such collections) but contains peer-reviewed publications that focus directly on policy issues relevant to ongoing GVP activities.

Note:  All documents available for download may be freely distributed as long as there is no commercial intent.


Katherine Fowler, et. al., “Firearm Injuries in the United States,” Preventive Medicine, 79 (2015), 5-14.  An excellent summary of current data on gun violence covering all categories of deaths and injuries from guns.  Download here.


Patricia Howard, “An Overview of a Few Well-known National Children’s Gun Safety Programs ,” Journal of Emergency Nursing, 27:5 (October, 2001), 485-88.  The author states (p. 487) that the Eddie Eagle program has never been evaluated using any “measurable outcome criteria.”  Which means that there is no connection between how many brochures are distributed and whether this makes any difference at all in terms of safety. Download here.


R. Ruddell, G. L. Mays, “State background checks and firearms homicides,” Journal of Criminal Justice, (March, 2005), 127-36.  The authors note (p. 133) that states “with more effective or comprehensive background checks were associated with reduced murder rates, at least firearms homicide.” Download here.

D. Webster, et. al., “Effects of the repeal of Missouri’s handgun licensing law on homicides,” Journal of Urban Health, 91:2 (April, 2014), 293-302.  The authors find a 16% increase in gun homicides after the repeal of the PTP law in Missouri.  Download here.


M. Miler, et. al., “Firearm storage practices and rate of unintentional firearm deaths in the United States, Accident Analysis & Prevention, 37 (2005), 661-67.  The authors note (p. 665) that in states “where fewer firearm owners store their guns loaded rates of unintentional firearm deaths are lower. Areas where gun owners tend to store firearms both loaded and unlocked have the highest rates of unintentional firearm deaths.” Download here.


P. Wright and C. Thorpe, “Triple Threat Among The Elderly: Depression, Suicide Risk and Handguns,” Journal of Emergency Nursing, 42:1(January, 2016),  14-18. The authors note that since legal firearm removal is limited in most states, “the conversation initiated in the emergency department regarding elders and gun possession may truly be a family’s best option.” Download here.


D. Hemenway and S. Solnick, “The epidemiology of self-defense gun use: Evidence from the National Crime Victimization Surveys, 2007-2011,” Preventive Medicine, 79 (2015),22-27.  The authors find that self-defense use of guns against criminal attacks is infrequent and “provides little evidence that self-defense gun use is uniquely beneficial in reducing the likelihood of injury or property loss.” Download here.


Lester Adelson, “The Gun and the Sanctity of Human Life; or The bullet as pathogen,” Archives of Surgery, 127 (June, 1992), 659-664. Author of the definitive forensic textbook on homicide and chief medical examiner of Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) from 1969 until 1987, he was also author of 177 scholarly articles of which this article ranks as a  major achievement and gives a brilliant and encompassing perspective on the issue of gun violence.  Download here.

Katherine Christoffel, “Firearm Injuries: Epidemic Then, Endemic Now.” American Journal of Public Health, 97, 4 ( April, 2007) 626-629. A formative article by one of the foremost pioneers of gun violence research. Download here.




Relevant numbers on gun violence available at the Everytown website.

Comprehensive bibliography can be found at the Armed With Reason website.

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